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We provide CCTV surveil cameras, personal and all kinds of related services for home, office and industry


We are an innovative technological systems company with more than five years of experience and we have been providing high tech security systems and products to a variety of market segments from small local businesses, to international worldwide businesses insurering a secure, safe and efficient work environment.  


Starting since 2016 as a small business providing reliable security products and equipment like security cameras, panels and graphic screen supported with equipment, spare parts as well as maintenance services we managed to grow with our business serving more clients and customers, two years into our work we greatly bloomed with more developed technological services like fire alarms, attendance, sound systems, automation and access control providing a well rounded and secured system for a save environment for your home, company and small business stepping into 2021 we have managed to keep a big number of well established companies secure like

Security Cameras

Our a set of high tech security cameras (Hikvision,Hilook,Convoy) will provide
you with a secured monitoring system to keepyour properties and business sheilded 

Make a high tech security in your home

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NRG COMPANY, Street 18, , El Mukkatam , Cairo, Egypt
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